Braces or Invisalign
Detail comparison between braces and Invisalign
Braces or Invisalign


Braces deliver better result, but ... you have to actually wear braces.

For severe crowding teeth, only Braces will fix that well.

Must be Braces if there is also discrepencies between upper and lower jaw.

Treatment time varies depend on the degree of crowding, from 5 months, often 12-15 months, which would be shorter if compare to the same person getting Invisalign treatment.

Metal Braces will give better result than Porcelain Braces.  

Porcelain Braces is obviously more aesthetic looking than Metal Braces, and is more expensive than Metal Braces.  Porcelain Braces would take a little longer, by 1 to 2 months longer to get the same result as Metal Braces.

Both metal and Porcelain Braces give better result than Invisalign



It is almost invisible when getting teeth traighten using Invisalign.

Is good for mild to moderate crowding.

Is an exellent choice if Braces is not an option as far as look is concern.

It would take longer to have teeth straighten with Invisalign as in compare to getting Braces for the same smile.

It cost more with Invisalign. If you happen to have private healfund cover for Dental, then the same healthfund would likely to pay much more for Braces and pay less rebate for Invisalign treatment.



Retention refer to retainer to kep the teeth straight after Braces or Invisalign treatment.

Retention is the same for both Braces and Invisalign


Dr Le hope the above information would help you with deciding whether Braces OR Invisalign is more suitable for you to have your teeth straighten.  Call us now on 6563 1313 for your FREE Braces and Invisalign consultation!

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