Dental Implant Cost
*$3,000 to replace a single root tooth including implant placement and Ceramic Crown.
Dental Implant Cost

Tooth implant: $4,390 with Standard crown

Cone Beam CT scan

Guided surgery 

Premium Titanium Implant

Healing abutment  

Implant Abutment

Standard Implant Crown, suitable for back teeth only.

All inclusive, no other hidden cost


Tooth Implant: $4,890 with Premium crown 

Cone Beam CT scan

Guided surgery

Premium Titanium Implant

Healing abutment  

Implant Abutment

Premium Implant Crown - nicer looking crown, better for front teeth. 

All inclusive, no other hidden cost.



*Keyhole or Mini implant: $3000

Titanium Implant   (item number  688: $1200 + item number 661: $300):   $1500

Item number 688: Insert of Titanium implant 

Item number 661: Fitting abutment, per abutment

Porcelain Crown (item number 671 or 672):  $1500

*This price apply only for Keyhole, one piece dental implant, which is a Mini implant.  

*This implant is only suitable to replace smaller tooth, with less occlusal biting force, these are: lower 4 front teeth.  In selected cases it is also suitable for upper lateral incisor, premolars.

*This implant can only be done after the tooth is missing or extraxted for 6 or more months.         


Bone grafting

Osseous graft – per tooth or implant -- item number 243: from $300


Sinus lift

From $980 price inclusive of bone graft material


Block Graft, Soft tissue graft

Price varies, depend on any other procedure to be carry out at that same time


All-on-4: $15,990 including the provisional bridge

This price include:

1.  implant planning and records

2. 4 x implants placement and abutments

3.  Hybrid provisional Bridge

This bridge uses the high quality Ivoclar teeth and high impact acrylic.
WARRANTY: 1 years

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