Implant for denture wearer
Implant for denture wearer

Implant for Denture wearer apply to patients who have no natural teeth left in one or both arches
Implant retained overdentures
Implant retained dentures is when there are generally four or more dental implants that act as anchors to prevent the denture from moving.  These will stabilize the denture.  Patient benefit from this treatment  are those that has been wearing full dentures for a long time now and is fed up with denture move around when talking, fall out and sore with eating. 
If implants used to stablise a denture, the denture when seated will rest comfortably on your gum tissue with virtually no movement and enable you to talk with confidence and eat with ease. Your denture will feel totally secure. A full lower denture can be stablised with four key hole implants from $4,800.00. Your denture will feel totally secure.
Implant supported overdentures
Implant supported dentures is when the denture is sitting on 4 or more implants. They are classified as implant supported because the denture sits entirely on the dental implant fixtures and only lightly touches the soft tissues (gums) The implants retain the denture from moving as well as supporting the dentures from hitting the gums. The added advantage is that the more dental implants that are placed the less bone will atrophy and the dentures are more stable.
Advantages of Removable Dental Implant Prosthetic  
- Much easier to keep clean than non removable option  
- They are less expensive and easier to get done    
- Less expensive to repair when they break.

We are providing Implant for Denture Wearer treatments for patients from Kempsey and surrounding areas including South West Rocks, Port Macquarie, Wauchope and Macksville…

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