Preventive Dentistry
Kempsey Dental Centre offer Preventive Dentistry where we identify and address any dental issue early.
Preventive Dentistry

The mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body, and it is also a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Good oral health is linked to the overall health of your body. That is why it is important to maintain a good oral hygiene routine.

Preventative and early detection dentistry, such as having your teeth cleaned is recommended to our patients every 6 months to help maintain optimum Oral hygiene. The removal of bacteria from the mouth that causes bad breath, cavities, infections and gum disease, can in most cases prevent the need for expensive and extensive treatments in the future if an early diagnosis is made.

A preventative check-up and consultation includes;

  • A thorough examination
  • Scaling and Prophylaxis polishing
  • Fluoride application
  • X-rays (approximately every 2 years)
  • Oral Hygiene Instructions
  • Personalised treatment plans


As part of our preventative check-up, it may be recommended for you or your child to have Fissure sealants placed, as an extra precaution.


What is scaling and Prophylaxis Polishing?

This type of cleaning system incorporates different instruments designed to remove plaque and calculus that naturally builds up on the teeth. The polishing helps remove stain caused from tobacco, red wine, coffee and other foods that may stain teeth.


Why do I need fluoride?

Fluoride helps to re-mineralise the tooth’s structure, making them stronger and may help to prevent decay.


Why do I need to have X-rays taken?

During an examination we cannot see between the teeth, or below the gums where the root of the teeth sit.  X-rays assist with diagnosing early signs of decay or other dental diseases.


What are fissure sealants?

“Fissures” is the correct term for the grooves in the chewing surfaces of your teeth. Sometimes these grooves are so narrow and deep that toothbrush bristles do not clean them properly.

Sealants are placed into these grooves, to prevent bacteria and debris from becoming trapped, and possibly causing a hole in the tooth.

Placement involves cleaning the tooth surface with an acid based etch to roughen the surface, and then a flowable material is placed in the Fissure.


.What is oral hygiene Instruction?

During your appointment correct tooth brushing and flossing techniques maybe discussed, as well as other factors that will help you maintain your smile.


What is a treatment plan?

This is a personalised plan which outlines further dental treatment, if any, that you may require. The plan allows you and the dentist to prioritise treatment according to your specific needs, and also helps you to budget accordingly.

Treatment plans also ensure you achieve your desired dental outcomes.

We are providing Preventive Dentistry for patients from Kempsey and surrounding areas including South West Rocks, Port Macquarie, Wauchope and Macksville…

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